Our Theory
of Change

Our Approach

People Power

We believe in building a large intergenerational membership base of Latine immigrants, youth and families who are the most directly impacted by injustice and they must lead their own liberation.

Leadership Development

Our responsibility is to transform our directly impacted members into skilled organizers and/or contributors to our ecosystem as we uplift them for who they truly are.

Direct Action Campaigns

We take on campaigns to change policies and practices in order to shift power and redistribute resources to improve the quality of life for working-class Latine immigrants, youth and families throughout Metro-Denver area in Colorado, as we also contribute to state and national campaigns.

Movement Building

We stand in solidarity and build alliances with all oppressed people who are struggling to improve their lives, including organizations and unions, locally, nationally and around the world.

Creating Our Story

We create our own story by strengthening a vision of the world where our people and all oppressed groups belong: Where they deserve rights and the ability to thrive, are seen as humans with a voice, and shape the future.