Police-Free Schools

Immigrant Rights

Voter Protection Rights

Radical Healing

Free Schools

Creating Healthy, Equitable and Inclusive Schools – Ending the Criminalization of Students in School

Movimiento Poder believes that all students, regardless of race, income, or immigration status, deserve safe, healthy, and equitable learning environments.

For three decades, Movimiento Poder has worked to eliminate barriers to this vision and ensure that every child has access to a safe, nurturing environment where they can thrive.

Through our work we will build access to schools that uplift and nurture our students by abolishing all forms of policing, surveillance, and harm and provide quality education, mental health services, and access to holistic care.

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Immigrant Justice

At Movimiento Poder we understand that migrantes and Latine’s are an integral part of the Colorado story. But our immigration policies work to terrorize, alienate and suppress our families, coworkers, and neighbors. Movimiento Poder works from the ground up to ensure that our gente can lead us to a world where they have dignity, racial justice, and the freedom to move and thrive. This means a society where immigrant families are treated as first class citizens, free from the fear of deportation, family separation, policing, surveillance, and all systems of oppression with equitable access to education, healthcare, and housing.

Voter Protection

Somos Poder – Strengthening our Community’s Voice

The most powerful and impactful movements for change are powered by people from the ground up. Movimiento Poder is no different. We serve as a point of convergence and a power-building vessel for young people, migrantes, women, and the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado. Over the years our work to build community power has meant that members don’t only get to shape our vision, but they also have the power to turn it into reality.

Radical Healing

Collective Healing at Movimiento Poder

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