The Key Components of Movimiento Poder

In order to find our own liberation and the liberation of our people, Movimiento Poder believes that transformation development is rooted in our history and community. The love and joy that we have for ourselves and in our people is what brings together four key components.

Nuestra Alma

Nuestro Voto

Nuestra Voz

Nuestra Riqueza

Our Nuestra Riqueza Program extends beyond financial prosperity;it interconnects the well being of individuals within a community. At the heart of this concept lies community care, a practice deeply rooted in TQBIPOC (Trans, Queer, Black Indigenous, People of Color) communities for generations. The soul of community care involves supporting one another and the community with intentional actions through the embodiment of amor y cariño, to cultivate connections and mobilize individuals for collective well-being. We recognize the limited support from systems, in response communities have historically created creative ways to look out for one another.

Community care and wealth recognizes the importance of all individuals within the collective actively participating and contributing at their own capacity. Each person has a crucial role to play in building a sustainable ecosystem that addresses current needs while ensuring future generations’ well-being or having the ability to live taken care of by the seeds their ancestors (us today) have planted for them to continue our legacy. The intention for community wealth is not only for personal prosperity but to collectively create a nurturing environment that supports everyone, acknowledging the gaps left by systems.

Our intention for community wealth is connected to community care, we seek to establish a holistic and sustainable ecosystem to take care of ourselves and each other, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It recognizes the necessity of taking care of each other, while uplifting that the well-being of individuals is intricately connected to the prosperity of our people as a whole. Our offerings aim to build resilient foundations that not only meet present needs but also ensure a legacy of care for generations to come.

Nuestra Alma

Nuestra Alma is rooted in principles of healing justice and radical love for collective well-being. At the heart of our approach is the belief that transformative change begins with self-love and that love then extends to our people. Our program honors the understanding that healing is a collective journey, and it starts with embracing amor as a powerful force for transformation. Connecting collective/inner healing work with transformational leadership development, members learn to cultivate the skills and mindset needed to lead with cariño, empathia, compassion, and influence an initiative to want to change the systems not built for us.

We ground ourselves in our history and community, we recognize the importance of understanding and appreciating our roots. Our deep roots serve as our soul’s source of strength, providing nourishment needed for personal growth and resilience. Regrounding in our roots, not only strengthens our own well-being, or our conocimiento of ourselves but it also contributes to the collective spirit of our community.

Through a combination of circulos de sanacion, peer to peer support, and holistic engagement initiatives, Nuestra Alma creates an environment where individuals can start their journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. By embracing radical love, we want to create a space where everyone can experience abundance of joy, support, and amor.

This transformative mental health journey, where healing justice and radical love connect to create a powerful force for individual and collective well-being. We want to build a community that thrives on amor, resilience, and the shared strength of our interconnected roots to gain collective power.

Nuestro Voto

Nuestro Voto is rooted in getting our Latine community to be engaged in voting and exercising their rights to vote, as well as protecting that right once they have it. Our civic engagement includes Getting Out to Vote (GOTV), registering new voters, and voter protection.

Nuestra Voz

Nuestra Voz is grounded in our community organizing principles. We believe that in order to build people’s power, it is our responsibility to develop leaders who are directly impacted by any form of injustice. We do this through:

  • People Power. We believe in building a large intergenerational membership base of working-class Latine immigrants, youth, women, families and queer folks who are the most directly impacted by injustice and they must lead their own liberation.


  • Transformational Leadership Development. Our responsibility is to transform our directly impacted members into skilled organizers and/or contributors to our ecosystem as we uplift them for who they truly are.


  • Direct Action Campaigns. We take on campaigns to change policies and practices in order to shift power and redistribute resources to improve the quality of life for working-class Latine immigrants, youth, women, families and queer folks throughout Metro-Denver area in Colorado, as we also contribute to state and national campaigns.


  • Movement Building. We stand in solidarity and build alliances with all oppressed people who are struggling to improve their lives, including organizations and unions, locally, nationally and around the world.


  • Creating Our Story. We create our own story by strengthening a vision of the world where our people and all oppressed groups belong: Where they deserve rights and the ability to thrive, are seen as humans with a voice, and shape the future.