Who We Are

Movimiento Poder is led by working-class Latine immigrants, queer folks, youth, women and families. We build collective power through community organizing, leadership development and civic engagement.

Nuestra Alma

At Movimiento Poder, we are firm believers in the power of love as a key driver of transformative change. Deeply rooted in our history and community, Movimiento Poder works to foster a community that thrives on amor, resilience and the shared strength of our interconnected roots to gain collective power.

Nuestra Riqueza

Movimiento Poder believes that the well-being of each and everyone of us is inextricably linked to the prosperity of all of us. Movimiento Poder works to build resilient foundations that not only meet current needs but also ensure a legacy of care for future generations.

Nuestro Voto

Our government works best when it includes all of us. Movimiento Poder serves as a point of convergence and a power-building vessel for young people, migrantes, women, and the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado to not only shape our collective vision but also gain the power to turn it into reality.

Nuestra Voz

The most powerful and impactful movements for change are powered by people from the ground up. Movimiento Poder works to empower and center the voices of working-class Latine immigrants, youth, women, families and queer folks to foster a world where we all belong, thrive, and have the ability to shape our futures.

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